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We take pride in being professionals & will never
fall short of manicuring your lawn to perfection.

Lawn Care for Montgomery Al

This is a lawn that has been mow with a proper technique.


Mowing is stressful on the lawn, and in most cases it will give you signs of improper cutting techniques.That is why we utilize certain guidelines for proper mowing. Some of these include cutting no more than a third of the grasses height, maintaining sharp blades, alternating mowing patterns to reduce ruts, and the usage of proper turn- arounds.  

Detailed edging provides a highlight to the scenery of the lawn.


Edging enhances a well groomed lawn. It also defines and highlights the dimension of the turf.

Line trimming is a must have for hard to reach spots.

Line Trimming

Line Trimming is the only way to get to those spots that the mower just can not reach. A well trimmed lawn eliminates  the need for some weed controls.


Blowing is the last task at hand. No job is done until all debris is in it s place.